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Note: Length, Width, Height Should not exceed 1500
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Dimensions are internal dimensions of box

We provide monocarton for every application in any shape & size.

Check Product images to know your box style.

Paperboard, Printing and Coating specification as per below.


Specification Brightness Roughness Bending Stiffness MD  Application
(%)  (microns) (mN)+/-5%
250 GSM
Duplex board
70 2.8 70 Stapler pins box
match box
Shaving blade box
300 GSM
Duplex board
75 3.2 100 LED Bulb packaging
100ml bottle cartons of pharma & FMCG
350 GSM
Duplex board
75 3.4 160 200ml bottle cartons 
400 GSM
Duplex board
78 3.5 215 LED tubelight packaging
250 GSM
SBS paperboard
84 1.5 200 Chocolate packaging
cigarettes  packaging
300 GSM
SBS paperboard
85 1.8 410 Premium spice packaging
Toothpaste packaging
350 GSM
SBS paperboard
86 1.8 650 Perfume packaging box 
Snacks packaging
400 GSM
SBS paperboard
86 2 800 BP Bottle packaging
Mid-range mobile phone packaging

Printing Selection
Printing colours  Application
1 Single colour text/illustration
2 Text with special brand colour
4 Multi-colour jobs (CMYK)
5 Muti colour job with special brand colour Pantone
6 Muti colour job with 2 special brand colour Pantones

   Coating Selection
Coating Name  Rub Resistance
(ASTM D5264)
Aquous Gloss 200 Gloss  for shorter lifecycle of packaging 
scuff proof Aquous 1000 Solid coloured boxes with bigger lifecycle of packaging
UV Gloss 400 High Gloss for medium lifecycle of packaging
UV matt 250 Matt appearance for medium lifecycle of packaging 
UV+Drip off 400 Gloss and Matt combination as per Artwork Need
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